John Abbott is an accredited mediator offering facilitative mediation.

John has been a partner in Silverman Sherliker LLP since 1995 and is head of its Dispute Resolution Department. He has also served as managing partner.

After qualifying as a solicitor in 1987, John decided to specialise in litigation. Since then, John has developed a highly successful dispute resolution practice. He represents clients in High Court and arbitral proceedings, covering civil, commercial and property disputes. He has specialisms in contractual disputes, shareholder and director disputes, intellectual property rights and property litigation.  He has considerable experience dealing with both high value and complex matters, often involving multi-jurisdictional issues.

John Abbott

John has over 20 years’ experience, in a range of mediations. He firmly believes that mediation offers participants an opportunity to achieve a pragmatic, commercial and expeditious resolution, thus saving both time and costs.


John maintains that no matter how complex a dispute and no matter how entrenched people are, it is nearly always possible for participants to achieve a mediated solution. It is for this reason, that John has successfully promoted mediation as an alternative to the expensive, time consuming, risky and emotionally-fraught process of litigation.

John’s qualities

John has a well-earned reputation as a first-class listener and someone with real people skills. He engenders
confidence as the mediator and in the mediation process. Whilst maintaining neutrality, John works to assist
participants to consider the key underlying issues, to identify their real objectives and to move towards their own solutions. John recognises that the flexibility of mediation can often help in meeting these goals.

Contact details

John Abbott: Silverman Sherliker LLP, 7 Bath Place, London EC2A 3DR

DX 137779 Finsbury 5, Tel: 020 7749 2700, Email:


London School of Mediation


John is married with three grown up children. He is a keen rugby follower and for many years was a successful rugby coach. He also enjoys hiking and travel.


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